Green Coffee Beans
Green Coffee Cup Benefits
Sheopals Green Coffee Cup Ingredients

Green Coffee Cup Beans - 100gm

Sheopals green coffee beans cup helps to control and manage weight. Apart from weight management, it also help to maintain heart condition.
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Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Cup Beans - 100gm


Green Coffee Cup Beans - 100gm


A lot of emerging studies confirm that green coffee beans have the potential to control and manage healthy weight . If you are someone who wants to be fit, as well as reduce weight, these green coffee beans will help you achieve exactly that. The magical beans are known to be helpful in improving heart conditions as well.

It may not taste like the regular roasted beans, but have better health benefits, especially in terms of healthy weight management, burn fat, boosting metabolism and improving body energy level for both men and women.

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green coffee beans *Results may vary as per the individual's diet and workout

Key Ingredients

green coffee capsules
Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee is unroasted coffee beans that contain more chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee. It is promoted as a miracle weight management supplement. Not only this but it has many other health wellness benefits too. It is full of essential nutrients and antioxidants that help combat free radicals damage in the body. Chlorogenic acid can lower sugar levels in blood & improve energy levels along with boosting metabolism which is helpful to control weight.

Green Coffee Extract Benefits

green coffee capsule 
 to control weight

Due to its anti-obesity property and fat metabolism support, it helps in fat burning really fast and control weight.

green coffee for heart

Chlorogenic acid present in it reduce the level of a stress hormone called cortisol, lower that reduce the risk of stress-induced heart health.

green coffee for Alzheimer

It improves the memory functions in Alzheimer’s patients by reducing the formation of amyloid plaques. Boost Mood.

green coffee bean extract

It helps in managing sugar level of blood. Good for the patients with diabetes manage their symptoms.

green coffee for high pressure

It helps to manage high pressure.

green coffee capsule reduce fat

It Boost metabolism and burn fat quickly to maintain healthy weight.

Direction to Use

how to use Green Coffee Cup

Take 3-4 beans in pot, pour 1 glass water, boil until the water gets half. Sip the drink slowly.

Repeat that process twice in a day with empty stomach.

Once in morning another in evening.

Complete the course of at least 3 months to get back into desired shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green Coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans restoring all the properties of coffee beans. Because they are unroasted then they are rich in potent antioxidants including chlorogenic acid (CGA) which is less in roasted one. Unroasted one is healthier than the roasted one.

CGA present in it is good at neutralizing free radicals. It slows down enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate that plays a key role in the metabolism of sugar and their conversion into fats.

As chlorogenic acid is present in it, reduces your appetite and hunger levels. It works to speed up the metabolism of fats and reduce carbohydrate absorption in the body.

Green coffee beans extract helps in fat loss by increasing the activity of gene involved in fat metabolism. It not only reduces the belly fat but also work on fat reduction from whole body.

The health benefits associated with drinking green coffee beans extract are quite different than just drinking coffee. After roasting process, their chlorogenic acid levels decreases and just drinking coffee, you will get same health benefits.

CGA is an antioxidant that has many health benefits which helps to improve brain function, mood swing, protect against heart disease, helps to maintain healthy weight and protects against heart disease.

Yes, because of having certain components that have antioxidant activity and anti-hypertensive properties, it helps to improve blood circulation which is helpful in maintaining good skin.

Very less caffeine amount present in green coffee beans in comparison to coffee. Assume that 1 capsule contain less than 2% caffeine. So you need not to worry about any kind of caffeine related side effects.

Sheopals Green Coffee Cup Beans Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Honey Kharbanda

Excellent overall.

Good supplement for weight loss.

It is very best solution for them who want to loose the weight.. i read the comment and took decidion to buy.. after use of 1 week i can see the change in my body.. it is worth to buy.. go for it

Vipin Pandey
Best product to start your day.

I got advised once to used this product and now it's in my daily list. Best way to start your day.

Heena Navlani
Best and organic product for weight loss.

I used this regular for 3 months and now I am back in shape.

Keshav Kumar
It really works!₹

This will be my 3rd pack it’s working very well ,I’m impressed with it’s action keep taking it u will surely see results it uas become part of my routine now,I lost3 kgs before meal I take it,those who cannot drink green coffee must try these capsules,ur unnecessary craving will decrease also ,hope to lose more!!

Customer Reviews

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Manufacturing Information

Manufacturer: Tres Maos India Pvt Ltd

Marketed By: Sheopals Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Country of Origin: India

Quantity: 60 Capsules

*All sheopals products are made with natural ingredients and prepared in small batches only, there may be slight variation in colour and fragrance but that won't have any effect on the efficacy of the product.

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