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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy mentioned governs the use of this website and the products available via this domain or any sub domains of the website. This website is brought to you by hereinafter referred to as the "Company".

Visiting this website, purchasing products or availing services from this website confirms that you agree to the terms of the privacy policy mentioned here. The privacy policy can be updated from time to time and you need to ensure you are aware about the latest updates to this page. Any updates will be intimidated to the users on the homepage of this website. The privacy policy is a part of the website and has been added to the website to govern the use of this website in general.

The website is intended for use to the residents of India and all the terms mentioned here under the law of the government of India.


The policy is drafted to ensure you understand the use of website, the information collected, use and the terms of the company and the subsidiary companies associated with the website. The policy governs the Company's right to collect, use and store all information provided by You on the website or other websites related to the parent site. The Company is NOT responsible for any information You share on third party websites which you may be directed to while on the site. Providing personal information on the website confirms you are in consent to submit the information in order for the website to serve you better.

Information Collection, Use And Practices

Collection of Information

Direct user information: All the information you provide to the Company is collected and stored as Personal Information. This information includes your name, email address, billing address, security number, and credit or debit card information, banking information, contact numbers and other information which you might have to provide in order for the website to serve you better.

Surveys: The Company might conduct various surveys from time to time. These surveys are not mandatory and filled in by you voluntarily. The information provided in a survey should be personal contact information and no confidential such as your banking details will ever be requested during surveys. A survey is conducted to help the Company improve services and serve you better. Basic survey information will include name, age, gender, salary, marital status, interests and other basic information. The information provided for a survey is kept confidential with the Company and this information is NOT sold to a third party. Filling up a survey is a user's choice and is not mandatory.

Third Party Information: The Company collects personal information you provide during your visit on the website and your interaction with third party websites. This information includes, but is not limited to name, email address, billing address, telephone numbers, DOB and other such information.

Other Information Collection: The Company collects information on several other occasions that include online prizes, email assistance, contact forms and subscription to the newsletter.

Cookies: "Cookies" are referred to browser software that is present in all computers. If the cookie settings are enabled they manage to transfer small amounts of data from your computer to the website server. Cookies help to track your location and help you access the website in a better and more precise manner. Cookies can configure the website according to your preference and these cookies also help to recognize repeat visitors. You can choose to disable the cookie settings; however the website will not function properly in such cases. You have the right to accept or reject cookie settings, however in order to use the website properly you need to accept the cookie settings.

Web Beacons: This programming code enables you to view images on the website. The web beacons also help to transfer unique identification to a database and this enables the website to recognize return visitors. This system enables the Company to track various websites you visit and understand your requirement better. This is essentially used to track online behavior of a user and enables the website to serve you better.

IP Address: Your IP address is automatically tracked based on your behavior on the website. This information enables the Company to judge users based on various interests, demographics and locations. This helps the Company understand your requirement in a better manner. This information includes the Internet Protocol (IP) which is unique just like a billing address for every user. This information essentially helps identifying your geographical location.

Computer Profiles: Anonymous information might be collected from your computer which enables the Company to analyze your interest and thus helps to provide better services to the user. Various people use different gadgets to access the internet. Computer profiles help to adjust the website screen resolution to match your preference. Once you provide personal information to the site, the Company will recognize and identify you.

Data Analysis: The data collected may be analyzed from time to time in case if required by a client of the company or required by the state of law.

Updates: Technology is fast changing and the Company strives hard to keep up to the latest trends. This may include certain changes in the privacy policy. You are encouraged to revisit this page from time to time.

The Company does not collect any information from individuals below the age of eighteen (18) years. Any information collected from individuals below this age bracket will be deleted from the website.

Banking Information and Details: Certain banking information including your credit card information is collected by the Company while placing an order for products. The company has an association with a verified payment gateway that ensures all payments are safe and any information provided is highly confidential and secure. The information is not shared with the employees of the company and only a small group of highly authorized personnel have access to this information.

Use of Personal Information:

General Use: Given below are we describing how we use the personal information provided by you to help serve you better. Please note . The information here can be updated or changed at any given point in time. The information provided here can be used for various purposes such as email marketing, telephonic marketing, mobile marketing and offer promotions.

Email and Unsubscribe Policy: The company may use the email address provided by you to send you various promotional emails. There is various email lists maintained that are used for various promotional purposes. You can choose to unsubscribe from these emails by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link that is present at the bottom of each email. Unsubscribing from the list will automatically delete your email from the database and you will not receive any future promotional emails unless you subscribe to the services again.

Content of Email Messages: There are a number of email messages you could receive from various third party websites. You need to unsubscribe from those emails by following the link mentioned at the bottom of those emails. The Company is not responsible for third party emails that you receive.

Solicited Emails: The Company sends you emails if you have subscribed to the website and the services. While Promotional emails can be unsubscribed from, the ones that are sent as a confirmation to your purchase and other such details are compulsory emails and you cannot unsubscribe from those mails.

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