Slim Trim Pro - A Pro Weight Loss Formula- 60 Capsules

  • Boost Metabolism
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Minimum Excercise

Sheopals Slim Trim Pro is especially designed with powerful weight loss formula to promote faster weight loss without having any kind of side effects

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Recommended Course: 1 Month
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Slim Trim Pro -  A Pro Weight Loss Formula- 60 Capsules

Slim Trim Pro - A Pro Weight Loss Formula- 60 Capsules


Slim Trim Pro - A Pro Weight Loss Formula- 60 Capsules

Recommended Course: 1 Month

Weight Loss has become a major concern for the young generation but not anymore! The biggest enemy of Obesity is here; yes you read it right. Sheopals introduces the best, proven, and powerful weight loss formula designed especially to promote faster weight loss. Slim Trim Pro is a herbo-natural formula that helps improve the body’s core functioning and thus enabling body’s natural weight loss process. Primarily it promotes the body’s natural process of breaking down cellular fat into energy that can be consumed easily by the body and therefore doesn’t allow the deposition of unwanted substances in your body.   

In a nutshell, Slim Trim Pro is a complete herbo-natural advanced weight-loss supplement that targets unwanted body weight in multiple ways to give your best and desired shape.

Infused with 4+ pure herbal extracts, Slim Trim Pro is an advanced herbal formula that works wonders in reducing excess body weight naturally. Therefore it helps you feel lighter and healthier within a lesser time span. The ingredients used in this herbal weight loss supplement help suppress appetite, improve metabolism & digestion, and enhance natural energy so that you can enjoy a quality life.

Slim Trim Benefits

Promotes natural & faster weight loss.

Beneficial in healthy weight management.

Supports Muscle health.

Fights Overweight related health problems.

Key Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia, also referred to as Brindle berry and Malabar Tamarind, is a fruit found in India & Southeast Asia. This fruit is highly rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a natural compound that suppresses appetite and reduces body fat. In most of herbal weight loss supplements, it is one of the most commonly used ingredients due to its natural weight loss property.

Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee bean contains a high amount of chlorogenic acid. Since these are unroasted and raw, their natural nutrients do not get hampered. It makes green coffee better than commonly used roasted coffee beans. It has antioxidant properties which support natural weight loss, controlling high blood pressure and maintaining blood sugar levels. It also helps in natural weight management.

Vegetable Cellulose

Cellulose is a type of fiber found in vegetables, fruits and some other plant foods. It is mainly found in the tree bark and leaves of plants. This fiber type is insoluble in water; therefore, it can help push foods through the digestive system to improve your bowel movements. It is found to be effective in weight loss and also improving your digestive system.

Guggul Extract

Made from the gum resin of the Commiphora mukul tree, Guggul contains properties that can help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. It is highly effective in fighting Obesity. Moreover, it helps improve metabolism. It also helps manage excess fat in the body because of its scraping property.

How to use Slim Trim

Take capsule daily, twice a day, empty stomach with luke-warm water.

Recommended Course:Minimum 3 months

NOTE: This product is a supplement and needs to be taken on a daily basis for best results. It is recommended to take a capsule daily for a minimum of 3 months or as advised by a physician.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being formulated with some rare and effective herbs, this herbal weight-loss supplement acts as a natural weight reducer and promotes faster weight loss.

It depends upon your physical activities, activeness throughout the day, sleeping & waking up pattern, and some other routine habits, i.e eating habits, etc.

Though the biological structures of men and women are different, there may be slight changes in the result. Overall, it works for both men and women.

Being a natural product, it is entirely safe on your body. However, you can keep a gap of atleast a couple of hours to avoid any health concerns and get better results.

Since it’s an herbal product, you won’t gain weight if you follow a healthy and active lifestyle. But if your eating routine contains highly spicy, oily, and junk food, there are chances that you may gain weight.

It depends on your weight and how many kgs you want to lose. If you lose your targeted weight, you can stop using it. At least 3 months course is recommended.

Slim Trim Pro Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Great product

I was depressed due to my body weight but it helped me get rid of not only extra weight but also depression. Now I am fully positive and back to life again.


Due to my desk job, I put on some extra weight that was turning serious concern for me as well as my family. Then I got to know about this product and I am completely a changed man now.

Must have!

After pregnancy I got serious weight that was affecting my health as well as relationship. I was unable to take care of my baby & husband. After trying a couple of weight-loss products, I came across this natural product and it worked wonders for me.

Very good

My mother had some serious health concerns due to her obese condition. Only in 4 months, she is a completely changed person. All thanks to Slim Trim Pro.

Himakshi Rathore
Loved it

In my early twentith, I became an obese person who had many problems even in doing my routine tasks. My family and I were so worried about my condition and I was in search of a weight-loss product that could help me. Finally I found this natural product that is completely safe. Not in years but in some months, I overcame most of my health issues related to obesity and excess weight.

Manufacturing Information

Manufacturer: AJ AND SONS

Marketed By: Sheopals Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Country of Origin: India

Quantity: 60 Capsules

*All sheopals products are made with natural ingredients and prepared in small batches only, there may be slight variation in colour and fragrance but that won't have any effect on the efficacy of the product.