Red Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Sheopals Red Onion Shampoo helps you with hair growth, hair fall, hair loss, dandruff, dryness, scalp issues (buildup, itchy), split ends, hair thinning and dull hair

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Sheopals Onion Shampoo for hair growth

Red Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo


Red Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo


Sheopals Red Onion Shampoo helps you with hair growth, hair fall, hair loss, dandruff, dryness, scalp issues (buildup, itchy), split ends, hair thinning and dull hair.  Onion Shampoo is formulated with organic ingredient like pure red onion seed oil.

Red onion works on scalp. It increases the blood circulation of scalp which strengthens hair follicles and clarifies blocked roots. Because of increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the roots, hair do not turn white/grey early and when hair follicles can create new hair faster, then hair also starts becoming lush and thick. In addition to that it promotes hair growth.

Some people try to apply onion juice directly to scalp but it shouldn’t be, because firstly it has strong smell which will not go even after shampoo and secondly it also increases chances of getting an allergic reaction. So it is good to use onion oil in the form of essential oil.

But Sheopals Onion Shampoo doesn’t have any such restriction. Beside this onion seed oil, shampoo contains many other extracts and ingredients which are beneficial for hair and for this reason this shampoo does not harm the hair in anyway but it keeps them soft and prevent hair fall and hair loss additionally promoting new hair growth. Red onion black seed shampoo is free from paraben and Sodium Laureth Sulphate, It is an organic formulation which has no any side effects like irritation or allergy.

Sheopals Red Onion Shampoo Benefits

nourish scalp

Nourish and Improve scalp health. Prevent Scalp issues like itchiness, buildup, lice and other infections.

anti dandruff shampoo

Clears away dandruff flakes. Relieves from dandruff related itching. Helps prevent reappearance of dandruff.

prevents split ends

Strengthen hair root thus promote hair growth, increase hair volume, repair damaged hair and prevent hair thinning (breakages) and spilt ends.

dry hair solution

Keep hair Moisturize all day by maintaining PH Balanced and eliminating dryness from it completely.

prevent premature greying

Increase blood circulation to scalp, provide required nutrients to scalp to avoid white/grey hair early.

glosy hair

It helps smoothen hair cuticles to make dull hair soft and glossy. It provide natural shine to hair.

Motorize dry skin.

healthy hair

Shampoo works to improve from follicles. Makes hair healthy and strong from root for no breakages.

scalp irritation

Since it is free from SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate), paraben and other chemical hence there is no irritation or allergy after using it.

remove excessive oil

Provide required oil and remove excessive oil from hair.

onion shampoo for hair growth

Promote new hair growth after hair loss.

Motorize dry skin.

hair breakages

Ideal for all hair type and for both men and women.

clean hair impurities

It thoroughly cleanse impurities from both the hair and scalp

Key Ingredients

onion black seed shampoo
Red Onion Seed Oil

It provides soothing care to dull, lifeless, weak hair and worn-out scalp to help transform their texture and health. It works directly on scalp and nourish it from root. Apart From strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth it also prevents hair loss and hair fall, improve hair thickness (volume). Onion oil contain sulphur in large amount, and that’s why it is a good anti-fungal and anti bacterial agent. It prevents dandruff, lice and other infections in the scalp. It also prevents hair from dryness and getting spilt ends.

remove hair dryness

It is a most effective humectant, means it can actually pull in moisture from the air, keeping hair and scalp hydrated and healthy. It removes dryness from hair. With the infusion of moisture, it helps to regulate oil production in the scalp. Due to having Antimicrobial Properties, it can treat itchiness caused by dryness or dandruff.

shampoo for hair growth
Decyl glucoside

It is plant-derived (coconut or palm kernel oil and glucose), biodegradable which is gentle and mild, hence safe to use even on sensitive skin. Decyl Glucoside has replaced sulfates which are considered to be harmful to your hair.

best onion shampoo
Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB)

It is an organic compound derived from coconut oil. It works as a cleanser and conditioner.

How To Use Onion Shampoo

Step 1. Thoroughly wet hair by water

Step 2. Apply products to whole hair and root ends.

Step 3. After 2-4 minutes completely rinse hair by plenty of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Sheopals red onion shampoo for hair growth. It increases the blood circulation of scalp which strengthens hair follicles and clarifies blocked roots and thus promote new hair grow faster.

Red Onion Shampoo is formulated with purely concentrated form of red onion seed oil with other plant based ingredients whereas in regular shampoos Sulphate is a common ingredient with another harmful substance. Regular shampoos only make foam and wash hair whereas Sheopals onion shampoo works to make hair healthy and strong from roots with other benefits too.

No, it doesnot else it prevents premature graying of hair. If you have some sorts of white hair, after using this shampoo it won’t spread at all.

It depends on the volume of hair. If you have large volume then you can use else this shampoo will also work as conditioner.

Split ends in your hair is an indication that it's time to go chop-chop. But split ends can be treated without going for cutting by using this best onion shampoo. It nourish scalp and promote healthy hair.

Sheopals Red Onion Shampoo Review

Customer Reviews

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Have recently started it's a great and perfect herbal shampoo.

Rajeev SinGh
Amazing Red Onion Shampoo

I like this Red Onion Shampoo

Hiren Pandya

Perfect Red Onion Shampoo i purchased.


Awesome Red Onion Shampoo results are awesome and fast...loved it very much

prashant D devda

I used Red Onion Shampoo for the first time and I am impressed with the experience. I strongly recommend this Red Onion Shampoo to all.

Manufacturing Information

Manufacturer: Tres Manos India Pvt Ltd

Marketed By: Sheopals Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Country of Origin: India

Quantity: 200 ml

*All Sheopals products are made with natural ingredients and prepared in small batches only, there may be slight variation in colour and fragrance but that won't have any effect on the efficacy of the product.