Pain Relief Capsule And Oil

  • Fulfills Nutritional Deficiency
  • Joint Care
  • Helps In Arthritis Pain
Sheopals Joint Pain relief oil and capsule works externally and internally to give long lasting relief from joint and muscular pain.
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Get Best Offer From The Product: Pain Relief Capsules
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Joint Pain Relief Capsule

Pain Relief Capsule And Oil


Pain Relief Capsule And Oil

Get Best Offer From The Product: Pain Relief Capsules

Due to repeated faulty body postures, lifestyle, overweight, age and injuries, you start experiencing, joint pain or pain in any other body part like shoulder pain, back pain, wrist pain etc. Sheopals Pain relief Oil is ayurvedic herbal solution to treat all such conditions in order that you don’t experience pain in joints and other body areas. Made up of 12 effective ingredients having therapeutic properties that help relieving pain associated with body, knee, muscles and joints of back, legs, shoulder and neck. Clinically it has been proven that it gives relief from arthritis pain, cervical pain, stiffness, frozen shoulders, back pain and other joint discomforts.

After applying Sheopals Pain oil and taking capsule you get relief from pain within 1-2 hours and regular application treats the pain permanently. It is considered as Bone & Joint Wellness.

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joint pain relief capsule

Sheopals Pain Oil Review

Pain Relief Oil Benefits

  • Get relief from Arthritis.
  • Reduce knee and joint pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation.
  • Reduce muscular pain.
  • Relief from neck pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, back pain, knee pain and all other body pain.
  • Useful in Sciatica and sprain.

Why Pain relief capsule is needed along with oil –

  • Strengthen bone and joints.
  • Helps to maintain healthy cartilage.
  • Treat Chronic Inflammation.
  • Loosens Stiff Joints.
  • Boost Immunity because Arthritis happens due to disturbance of our auto immune system.
  • Reduces swelling in the joints.
  • No Side-Effects

Key Ingredients

wintergreen oil for back pain
Wintergreen Oil

Methyl salicylate present in it, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which is a topical pain reliever.

pain relief essential oil
Mahanarayan Oil

This Oil Opens Up The Locks, Loosens Tight Muscles, Relieves Stiffness.

pudina for muscles pain

Menthol present in it help to relax muscles and ease the pain.

camphor for nerves pain

It may help treat muscle aches and pains, while stimulating circulation, by interacting with receptors on the sensory nerves.

Eucalyptus oil for pain
Nilgiri Eucalyptus

It has been reported effective in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

castor oil for swelling
Castor Oil

Ricinoleic acid present in it reduces swelling and pain caused by inflammation. Ideal for treating arthritis.

Til Oil
Seasame (Til) Oil

It may improve nerve functional recovery by attenuating nerve oxidative stress. It helps in treating muscle-related disorders.

capsaicin oil for muscles pain
Capsacin Oil

It helps to cure muscle pain resulting from strains,sprains, bruising or backaches.

Direction to Use

few drops of sheopals pain oil

To begin with, take some oil in your palm. Apply it gently on those body parts that are painful.

knee massage

Massage the affected areas with your fingers gently but properly.

results of sheopals pain oil

Follow the massage process everyday for 3-5 minutes and you will get improved results.

Best Ayrvedic pain oil result

Take 1 Capsule with normal glass of water daily after your meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sheopals pain oil is formulated with the ayurvedic ingredients that has strong anti-inflammatory properties responsible for succeeding pain relief. Clinically it has been proven that its effectiveness is high than any other oil in this category. It is eligible to cure any type of chronic pain – muscular or joint. It helps in reducing inflammation, stiffness, relaxing the muscles and joint and thus significantly cutting down pain. Regular use over the affected areas like joints, knee help in treating underlying condition and hence act as permanent solution. Along with this take joint pain relief capsule also for better result.

Right now, in India all age group people’s men or women are suffering from knee, joint, muscular, back or shoulder pain. But as it has been seen that old age percentage are more but this ayurvedic pain oil is not only for old age but for all age group to get permanent pain relief. This is the best pain relief oil in India.

Arthritis, generally seen in old age group is a chronic inflammatory condition of the joints. Oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation, stiffness thereby provide relief from arthritics pains. Reducing inflammation, stiffness is the primary step to treat arthritis. Therefore it is effective pain oil for arthritis.

It gives instant relief on muscular pain but for knee or joint pain it takes time to show result. You can see visible results within 7 days of applying but follow as prescribed. Apply 2 -3 times over the affected area and get desired result.

It is considered as best ayurvedic joint and body pain relief oil in India. There are many points which make it different and superior from others –

  • Formulated from effective ayurvedic plants which has best inflammatory properties responsible for reducing inflammation, stiffness and pain.
  • Quality and quantity of ingredients used in it is clinically tested.
  • Beside pain relief oil, it is an effective herbal pain relief oil having powerful muscle relaxant property that cure after injuries, sprains, strains, etc.
  • Along with getting relief from pain, you also experience tissue recovery.

Quantity depends on the affected area. Lesser quantity is required if it is smaller joint or muscles pain. For severe pain use little more, do not employ pressure but only apply the oil. There is no harm in using more quantity as there is no seen incident of any kind of allergy or skin issue.

Yes, you will get relief from Osteoarthritis pain.

No, There is no burning sensation after applying oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Sapna Malik
Perfect Combo of Oil and Capsule

It is a good oil in terms of pain relief. purchased for my mother-in-law, she gets some relief when she applies it

Nikita Gandhi
Got No Relief

I got no relief from pain after apply this oil

Ankur Tyagi
Temporary Relief

This gives a little relief for sometime

Sahil Verma
Still Had a Pain

I used this pain oil for my back pain but it didn't help at all. I even used it for a few weeks but I still had pain.

Mahira Khan
Not Good For My Skin

This oil made my skin break out in a rash. I had to stop using it.

Manufacturing Information

Manufacturer: AMBROSHIA HEALTHSCIENCE bti- 151001

Marketed By: Sheopals Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Country of Origin: India

Quantity: 60 Capsules

*All sheopals products are made with natural ingredients and prepared in small batches only, there may be slight variation in colour and fragrance but that won't have any effect on the efficacy of the product.