Herb 69 Vibe Booster Capsule And Oil

It helps improve strength, stamina, timing, and overall daily wellness in men. Oil increases libido and stamina by curing nerves of your reproductive body part. Its helps in improving weakness, and gives strength to the vital penile tissues.
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Herb 69 Vibe Booster Capsule And Oil

Herb 69 Vibe Booster Capsule And Oil


Herb 69 Vibe Booster Capsule And Oil


Sheopals Herb 69 Vibe Booster is a herbal wellness product designed especially for men. Being infused with nature’s herbal restoring & rejuvenating power, it helps improve sexual problems in men, including stamina, erection strength, and sperm quality as well as quantity.

it helps improve strength, stamina, timing, and overall daily wellness in men. It also helps increase male performance timing in bed so they can have more fun. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety, leading to increased/energy levels in men.

Herb 69 Vibe Booster Oil is complementary product along with Herb 69 Vibe Booster Capsule. It is specifically develop in such a way that it increases libido and stamina by curing nerves of your body part. It is consider as best Sex Oil (penile health cream) in this category.

It is recommended to improve sexual function in men. It helps in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and  also improves your libido, promote sex drive as well as performance in bed by enhancing vasodilation in the penile tissue.

Its helps in improving weakness, and gives strength to the vital penile tissues, thus helps improve strength and fight fatigue. It can be directly applied on pelvic portion and within a few days, you will see a great difference. It is one of kind of oil for penis which is used to increases blood flow to the penile organ and relaxes the muscles during erection and ejaculation. 

Herb 69 Vibe Booster Capsule Ayurvedic Ingredients

Kamal Gatta for sexual stamina
Kamal Gatta

This herb is used to fight poor physical performance in men. It is best suitable for treating male infertility-related problems. And it also helps reduce anxiety and insomnia.

ashawgandha for vitality
Indian Ginseng

This powerful herb helps improve the body’s immunity and remove stress. Due to this, it helps improve sperm count and fertility in men and treat erectile dysfunction.

Shudh Shilajit for sex
Shudh Shilajit

This age-old herb increases stamina and boosts libido, eventually improving sexual performance.

Bhringraj for hair growth

It improves testosterone levels and helps boost immunity as it possesses Rejuvenating and Balya properties. it is also beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction and hormone-related problems in men.

Amla for sexual desire

It helps improve overall stamina and uplifts mood. This ingredient helps in increasing immunity and libido. It nourishes the nervous system of the body.

Akarkara for reproduction

It has various physical wellness and reproductive system-improving features. It improves your digestive system because of its antioxidant properties.

Taj oil

This oil is beneficial in improving general health and vitality. It helps cope with diarrhea and boost digestion.

Sonth for sex libido

It stimulates blood flow that helps enhance sexual arousal, libido, and erection. It also supports increasing your penis size.

Herb 69 Vibe Booster Oil Ayurvedic Ingredients

Shatavar for sexual libido

This ayurvedic herb is used to boost libidos and sex drive. It acts as an excellent aphrodisiac in men and increases the strength of the male organ.

for sexual reperoduction
Loh Bhasma

It strengthens the body and improve the production of RBCs. Beneficial for the person who is suffering from panic attack and fatigue.

Shudh Shilajit for sex
Sudh Silajit

It has rejuvenating properties so that it promotes fertility in men. It helps to increase testosterone level and thus, boosts sexual function.

Salam panja for sperm quality
Salam Panja

Best herb to treat male infertility. Helps to increase sperm quality and quantity. Also strengthens the nerves and great to treat erectile dysfunction.

dhatura beej for fertility
Dhatura beej

It strengthens the reproductive system through various mechanisms, like stress reduction, and restoring hormonal balance. Helps to tighten male organ and increases blood circulation to the genitals, which increases fertility and the health of the sperm.

for erection
Trivang Bhasma

It has aphrodisiac action, which helps sustaining erections and providing strength to penile tissue.

for sexual desire

It is specifically used to increase libido, sperm count.

for sperm quality
Mucuna Black

It helps to cure infertility in men. Also increased testosterone levels, aside from improving sperm quality.

Herb 69 Booster Capsule + Oil Benefits

  • Helps improve your strength in a natural manner.
  • Beneficial in improving your stamina.
  • Aids to enhancing arousal, libido, and performance in bed.
  • Give Strength, power to reproductive organ.
  • Helps to cure Erectile Dysfunction by increasing erection strength.
  • Control Extra Sensitivity of male organ.
  • Helps to reduce premature ejaculation/ rapid ejaculation.
  • Improve the blood circulation of genitals which improve quality and quantity of sperm.
  • Helps to cure male infertility.

Direction to Use

1 capsule daily at bedtime with milk or water.after half an hour of dinner

Recommended Course:Minimum 3 months

Apply 5-6 drop of oil on pelvic part gently.

NOTE:This product is a supplement and needs to be taken on a daily basis for best results

Still have questions? For a free consultation, Please call us on 9999212172 or email us on care@sheopals.in

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Very nice Herb 69 Vibe Booster

This product is really great and helpful for me. I've been taking it for last one year and the change is obvious.. getting harder and longer. It's unbelievable, I definitely recommend this product.

Must Use

Completely satisfied...Must use


It's working good .

Bharat Chauhan
Good packaging

Herb 69 Vibe Booster Gel works slow

Good to choose

I used Herb 69 Vibe Booster for the first time and I am impressed with the experience. I strongly recommend this Herb 69 Vibe Booster to all.

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