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Herb 69 Vibe Booster - Ayurvedic Stamina Booster

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  • Helps Cure Sexual problem in Men
  • Enhances Performance and Time in bed
  • Helps improve Libido & Desire
  • Re-energizes Your Love-Life

Herb 69 Vibe Booster Advantages


Backed by Ayurvedic science, it contains 100% Natural herbal ingredients that are proven to increase your strength, libido and stamina As a result, Herb 69 Vibe Booster helps in enhancing your physical strength, power and performance in bed naturally


Powerful herbal ingredients like Shilajit and Indian Ginsend work to stimulate the body's natural core functioning. Since these patent herbs strengthen the body's natural functioning. they help rejuvenate your overall body naturally including fertility in men.


The herbal formulation is wholly based on Ayurvedic principle; therefore, it works wonders in coping with physical wellness problems in men. powerful ingredients composition helps improve sperm production, and therefore it is also helpful in increasing sperm count.


This herbal product works on stimulating the body's core functionality leading to improving overall physical health and wellness in men. with improved blood circulation in the body. it helps give you a harder and better erection that lasts for longer.

Herb 69 Vs Others

Herb 69 Vibe Booster
  • Enriched with 8+ Potent Herbs Extracts to improve physical wellness in men.
  • Helps Improve sex drive & libido.
  • Gives you a better & firmer erection and maintains it.
  • Improves your performance in bed so you will last longer.
  • Causes no side effects on your health
Other Available product
  • Contain generic forms of Viagra, Cialis, and other cheap Drugs.
  • Not proven or tested formula, so no result is guaranteed.
  • May help in improving erection to some extent but not significantly.
  • Not effective in improving performance.
  • Can cause severe health side-effects.

Who Can Use It

A man with physical weakness.

A man with low libido or poor sex drive and low confidence.

A man with erectile Dysfunction.

Effective and safe for men ages between 23 - 60 Years.

A man with premature ejaculation or poor performance.

A man looking for a natural, safe and side effect free power & performance supplement.

Free dietician consultation

Not having a proper diet can make it almost impossible to achieve your fitness goals. Our dietitian can help you with an expert consultation & customized diet chart so that you can accomplish this goal.

Promise to purity

We work directly with high-grade manufacturers because the purity of ingredients used to make our products directly affects their effectiveness.

Expert backed solution

We live by our promise, which means you’ll be happy with the results and the way you look. Our solutions are trusted by experts, and are backed by scientific studies. This is to ensure that you get 100% results from Herb 69 Vibe Booster.

Proven results and satisfied customers

Our herbal formula has been helps to improve sexual stamina, erection strength..., and customers talk about how satisfied they are with the results. We believe in honesty, and our customers agree—our herbal formula works. Our real customer reviews prove it’s safe and effective.

Healthy Diet

Fruits, green leafy vegetables and protein rich foods will help you manage your weight better.


60-90 minutes of exercise a day will burn calories and shed fat.


A full night's sleep will reduce your hunger pangs and make your weight management journey more effective.


Kamal Gatta

This herb is used to fight poor physical performance in men. It is best suitable for treating male infertility-related problems. And it also helps reduce anxiety and insomnia.


It helps improve overall stamina and uplifts mood. This ingredient helps in increasing immunity and libido. It nourishes the nervous system of the body and provide strength.

Indian Ginseng

This powerful herb helps improve the body’s immunity and remove stress. Due to this, it helps improve sperm count and fertility in men and treat erectile dysfunction.


Shatavari is a natural herb that helps increase the main male reproductive hormone. Due to this, it is beneficial in fighting several men's problems, including erectile dysfunction.

Shudh Shilajit

This age-old herb increases stamina and boosts libido, eventually improving sexual performance.

Taj oil

This oil is beneficial in improving general health and vitality. It helps cope with diarrhea and boost digestion.


It has various physical wellness and reproductive system-improving features. It improves your digestive system also.


It stimulates blood flow that helps enhance sexual arousal, libido, and erection. It also supports increasing your penis size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Herb 69 vibe booster capsule is Men's Sexual Wellness (Health) herbal supplement. It helps to improve sexual stamina, erection strength along with improving the quality of sperms.
It is specifically formulated with rare herbs that improve men's stamina, strength, and overall health. In bed, it can increase male performance time by a long time.
Ayurvedic Herb 69 vibe booster which will not give any kind of side effects after use. Herb 69 Vibe Booster is the best supplement as it is formulated with the ayurvedic ingredients that give you an effective result.
It is formulated with natural ingredients that are responsible for boosting sexual stamina. All the ayurvedic ingredients act on your body safely and effectively and after using for one week, you start getting difference.

Customers Review

Naman Shukla

I got my married life back on track, all thanks to Herb 69 Vibe Booster. Earlier, I was so frustrated with my wife’s irritating behaviour towards me. It was because of my poor performance on bed. I realized this thing and tried many products available in the market but got no result. Then I came across Herb 69 Vibe booster. I started having it and in the first month I noticed improvement in my sex drive, and hardness with no side-effects.


I was fed up with my life as I couldn’t hold my erection for long. And I used to get ejaculated in 2-4 minutes that was making me feel ashamed. Though I was taking some medicines, it was not giving me the result, I was looking for. One of my friends, told me to try Herb69 Vibe Booster as he had been used this product and was happy with the result. On his suggestion, I started taking this supplement and got my desired result without facing any side-effects.


Due to my poor routine and bad eating habits, I became so weak externally and internally as well. My sexual life was too poor. I was trying to cope up with these problems but with natural ways. Since I was mentally weak, I couldn’t keep consistency in anything. I was making me feel more depressed. Then one of my senior suggested me to try Herb 69 Vibe Booster. And It worked wonders for me as I got relief from most of my health problems so soon. it Boost my confidance level. My sex life has also improved so much.

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nice produvt


Shaik Mohammad Rasool

I am diabetic type II, since 7 years, I used allowpathi medicine 1000 mg morning and evening, from 4 years I am weak in intercouse. I am 61 years old, may I use this product for sexual disorders? While i am going to inter couse, my penny is not strong. Is this problem rectified?

>> replied:

Sir, pls reach to our customer care 9999212172, you will get good guidance on call.


Is it giving life long result when we once use it for three months?

>> replied:

sir, you have to improve your daily lifestyle as well.

Uppala Eswara Rao

How many months used this product

>> replied:

Minimum 3 months Course

Srikanta Bhuyan
Very nice Herb 69 Vibe Booster

This product is really great and helpful for me. I've been taking it for a month and the change is obvious.. getting harder and longer.It's unbelievable,I definitely recommend this product.

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