Fat Burner

Complete Fat Burning Solution

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  • Helps Burn Fat
  • Helps Reduce fat deposition
  • Aids in Suppress hunger
  • Helps Detox body
  • Helps Increase Energy
  • Helps Live Light

FAT Burner Advantages

Excess Fat Break Down

Having chlorogenic acid content, it helps suppress appetite and keep your hunger pangs at a bay. When you intake less, your body breaks down excess fat.

supports healthy weight management

This formula works on weight-loss in several ways. Firstly, it acts upon suppressing your hunger so that you don't feel need to eat frequently in a day. Secondarily, it reduces body's natural fat absorption process resulting into healthy weight management.

Makes you light & relaxed

Herbal ingredients present in this formula promote overall wellness by removing excess fat from your body and also balance brain chemicals. Thus, you will feel light and relaxed.

Helps reduce fat deposition

It doesn't allow fat deposition in the body as it reduces body fat absorption process.

Fat Burner For Weight Loss

Fat Burner Vs Others

Fat Burner
  • Formulated with 6+ amazing natural herbs to trigger a natural weight-loss process.
  • Helps boost metabolism to trigger natural fat burn & overall wellness.
  • Helps burn fat from fat-prone areas like belly, arms, thighs, waist, etc.
  • Completely herbs-based formulation causes no or zero side effects.
  • Similarly beneficial for both; Men & Women.
Other Weight loss products
  • Possess ingredients that are commonly stimulants, seizure medicines, laxatives, antidepressants, over-the-counter drugs, and some illegal drugs.
  • Generic and non-disclosed formula, so quality is not guaranteed.
  • Can't support the natural weight loss process and suppress appetite, so not effective for the long-term.
  • Cause digestive as well as some other problems like constipation, disturbed stomach, pain in the abdomen, etc.
  • Cause blood pressure issues like high blood pressure problems, abnormal or fast heart rate, a heart attack, stroke or excessive weakness or tiredness.

Who Can Use It

People with excess body weight

If you are someone who has tried many fat-loss products but got no result

Someone who is following a strict diet regime and noticing no or minimal weight loss

If you shy going out due to your excess body weight

If you munch on and on

Gym doer who is not losing his/her weight


Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia extract is obtained from a small, pumpkin-shaped, yellowish or greenish fruit. This supplement is prepared using this fruit's peel. The reason is it contains a high amount of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that is proven to have weight loss properties. It supports in reducing appetite, block fat production & reduce belly fat naturally.

Camellia Sinensis

Camellia Sinensis is the extract taken from the plant leaves of Camellia Sinensis. The leaves are squeezed to get the oil from its leaves. Enriched with essential minerals and nutrients, it is beneficial for your body in numerous ways. Its catechins content supports in weight loss by reducing body's ability to absorb carbs and fat to break down fat. It also helps rev up your metabolism and immune system as well.


Saunf or Fennel seeds are one of the commonly found kitchen herb. Indians commonly used it as mouth freshener. But most people don't know about its several benefits. These seeds help enhance your health naturally. By working on improving bone health, removing body toxins, improving digestin, it boosts metabolism to support natural weight loss function.

Coffee Arabica

It has anti-oxidant properties in Arabica due to which it helps protect cells in human body from radical compounds. You all know that radical compounds are harmful for your body. It helps in decreasing the glucose which makes it a potent anti-diabetic component. It also decreases the risk of developing several kinds of cancers including liver, mouth, skin and pharynx. Decoction of its leaves with water is used as an antimalarial remedy.


Cloves have been used for a long time due to its medicinal properties. Since these small herbs are a great source of antioxidants, they help fight a variety of health conditions. Apart from that, it has anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, which make them a herb with diverse health benefits. Commonly, they help cure flatulence, nausea, bowel and other stomach disorders.

Horse Gram

Horse gram is a type of legume that commonly grows in arid regions. It helps control diabetes, promote weight loss, and protect liver functions, etc. It is also found to be effective in treating kidney stones.

How It Works

Triggers natural weight loss function - A herbal and plant-based formula that aims to burn fat regularly by working on your body in several ways. It helps break down cellular fat into energy that can be consumed easily, flush out extra-retained water, and tighten skin surface to result in effective inch-loss.

Targets body fat - The herbal ingredients used in this natural formulation are proven to put a halt on your hunger pangs and keep you feel fuller; that's why you don't feel the need to eat more frequently. Along with that, it helps burn fat deposited in your body and sets you free from fats from fat-prone body areas like the belly, arms, tights and lower back, etc.

Fights Overweight Health issues - A person with excess body weight often develops many other health issues that may turn fatal after a long time. This herbo-mineral formula triggers natural weight loss function in the body by blocking fat absorption, curbing your hunger pangs, and thus preventing more weight gain and reducing fat mass effectively. Therefore it helps you live lighter and also stay away from problems caused by excess body weight.

Stimulates Muscles Growth - By targeting the body's fat mass, it helps strengthen your muscles and also supports in their growth. As a result, you will notice better muscle mass after following the said course of these herbal capsules.

Fat Burner To Burn Excess Fat

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Customer Reviews

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Selvi Vel
Weight loose

When I was embark on weight loose
Journey. You realise that it does not happen in overnight. You have to work hard but in this journey sheopal's fat burner like everything for me.. with the help of sheopal's fat burner i loose 9.5 kg in just 2.5 month.. as a nurse nd being mother i need to stay healthy.. it's totally life changing medicine

Ramna Gupta

Sheopals Fat Burner - 60 Capsules

Ajay Diwakar


Ramanand Yadav Yadav
Nice Product for health

Nice product . Can go for it.


Fantastic and effective product

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