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A Humble Inception!

The herbal segment has now covered head-to-heel products. Everything is easily available in the market as it's big enough for varied players. But having a surety of purity and assured results is not as easy as pie. You may have been cheated on many grounds and repenting is the only option left then.

A similar case fetch spotlight when we noticed one of our colleagues losing her hair tremendously and her receding hairline, scanty hair attached a ceaseless stigma to her personality. She lost herself by losing her hair. And why not, after all having good quality hair is surely a sign of confidence and willpower in us.

The surprising part for us was that she had tried a lot of supplements and hair care solutions subsuming herbal ones too. But she didn’t get the desired results and every day become a central point of attraction because of patchy hair on the head. She started using a scarf and that moment compelled me to wear the spyglasses.

Though it's not as easy as pie to enter into a completely new market segment by challenging the already established products, we strived to make a difference with all our might. We left our high-profile jobs and infused our entire time in bringing out the best for our prospects that satisfy their needs for having the best herbal solutions for their hair.

We started thorough research on the hair care herbs to evolve the best-suited solution for all hair types. It was the moment that we decided to create toxin-free and completely safe products for people so that they can use that without worrying about the side effects.


The Do or Die Situation!

Well, just conceptualizing an idea and giving it a practical shape, both are quite different. The time lying in between these two poses innumerable challenges that eventually make you cringe. That’s what happened with us too!

It was a do-or-die situation for us as the market already had well-renowned herbal brands vouching for their best outcomes. Thereby, extensive researches put off the things and these procrastination processes left no chance of losing all hopes either.

However, our dedication and passion brought results and we successfully launched our first product in the form of Mool Hair Grow Oil. The product raised the bars and we were overwhelmed by getting a huge response from the public.


Mool Hair Grow Oil Set the Ball Rolling!

With the goodness of herbal elements, it escalates the process of growing new hair besides strengthening hair follicles. This formula stimulates the hair shaft, nourishes the roots, disinfects the scalp, and thus helps in combating baldness. Noticing the success, we then launched Mool hair grow capsules that gave a perfect boost for hair growth besides deep nourishment and strengthening the roots.

People loved taking its combo and admired the results. After that, the list of products never ended! Now we have an extensive range of products in the market included, including shampoo, hair conditioner, hair cream, hair serum, scalp scrub, hair mask, hair styling gel, and almost every product with the goodness of herbs.

The first-grade quality of our products allured the wide array of customers. Our philosophy of having the best product with first-rate quality alongside giving our customers the deep nourishment of herbs essence is satiating our customers’ demands.


Our Key Focus Points!

  • Evolving certified toxin-free hair care solutions
  • Safe to scalp and hair
  • Solve every little problem regarding hair
  • No side effects after using
  • Meet stringent international standards

By keeping our values on priority, we decided to create new products and try something unique and new that people have not used yet. With this desire of unfolding a toxin-free and effective formula meeting all standards, Sheopal’s hair care products came into existence.


Our Aim

We don’t ever want to oust anyone. We just aim to provide a streamlined range of hair care products that don’t just guarantee but surely provide results to every user. Our team has evolved these products after proper research and surveys. With this agenda, we focus on increasing our customer base and provide people with gentle and worthy solutions!


Our Vision

With a revolutionary range of hair care products, we visualize ourselves to be an inseparable part of every household. We have the vision to become a major player in each hair care product category and turn out as the most recognized global brand in the world.


A Bold Step of Taking Essence of Herbs to High-Scale!

It was an extremely bold step for us to launch herb-dense products that don’t cause any side-effect to the users. Addressing almost every issue of hair fall, bald patches, slow growth, losing liveliness in hair, and all others, Sheopal’s products have raised the charts. The best part is, people of every age group can use it and get the desired results.

It’s been four years that we have been serving the market and people have admired each product by heart. Just as before, we promise to serve our customers with full dedication and passion.






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We are Sheopal's

With the advancement of technology and the new-age lifestyle, many Vedic practices have lost their true essence. Natural & Organic products are one of those lost treasures of Indian culture and tradition. Team Sheopals has taken the responsibility to revive a healthy lifestyle by delivering 100% pure, natural and chemical-free products with love, passion and devotion, maintaining the highest quality standards to give you complete satisfaction. Experience the pure goodness / royalty of real, natural and herbal ingredients used in Beauty, Health & Wellness Products!

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Hair Deep Nourishing Conditioner - 200ml
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Coconut Shine Shampoo - 200ml
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Amla Bhringraj Shampoo - 200ml
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Hair Styling Gel for all hair types - 200gm
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Beard Growth & Softening Oil - 50ml
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Green Coffee Beans - 100gm
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Hair Serum Anti Hairfall - 100ml
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Hair Nourishment Cream - 100gm
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Hair Growth Onion Cream - 100gm
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Hair Mask for hair strength - 200gm
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Scalp Anti Dandruff Scrub - 200gm
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Hair Growth Vitalizer - 100ml
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Mool Hair Grow Extract - 30 capsules
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Mool Hair Grow Oil - 60ml
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Green Coffee Extract - 60 capsules
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Slimo Weight loss - 60 capsules
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Sheopal's Pain Oil Best for Joints - 60ml
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Fat Burner
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