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Skin Care Tips: One should follow for Holi?

Skin Care Tips: One should follow for Holi?

Holi is around the corner, and you have over a week left to check your preparations. In order to ensure a great holi celebration, most of us have vibrant colours, spicy foods, tangling drinks, and the presence of family, friends & dear ones on our checklist. However, we often forget to protect and pay sufficient care to our most crucial body part, mainly exposed to holi colors containing chemicals, frequent water shots, and sunlight. These holi practices can cause prolonged damage to your skin. So, following some holi skin care tips not only helps your skin glow pre-holi but also protects it from post-holi problems to maintain its natural glow & radiance.

Here, we have brought forth a list of a few skin care tips for holi to follow before and during holi to minimize and prevent post-holi skin problems.

  • Keep Your Skin Well-Cleansed

Holi indicates the beginning of spring season in most parts of the country where a weather shift occurs. And this weather shifting tends to be troublesome for your skin. That's why you need to make a routine of double cleansing this season of the year. And when you play holi, your skin comes into contact with chemical or toxic colors that cause more skin disorders. In this weather, keeping your skin cleansed and moisturized is one of the best holi beauty tips to protect your skin from this weather and holi colors.

Using Sheopals Vitamin C face wash can be pretty helpful in keeping your skin clean by opening its pores. It helps your skin efficiently secrete natural oils through your skin pores to add natural moisturization. It provides radiant skin by removing dust, dirt, and other environmental factors. So it can help you rejuvenate your skin naturally.

  • Moisturize Your Skin Well 

Even if you play holi in full-sleeved clothes, your skin can easily come into contact with colors. Due to exposure to several colors with different chemicals, your skin may get irritation, itching, redness or dryness problems in holi. So, adding a natural protective layer to your skin with thick moisturization is necessary. In other words, when you keep your skin well moisturized during holi, this holi beauty tip is quite beneficial as moisturization forms a protective layer on your skin and doesn't allow your skin to absorb harmful chemical-enriched colors.

You can try Sheopals Honey Face Wash for smooth, hydrated and soft skin. Its Aloe Vera and pure Honey combination ensures better skin moisturization.

  • Don't Forget SPF Before Stepping Out 

Holi comes in the Spring season, where Sun rays get slightly hotter, and in the excitement of this festival, we neither hesitate to go out nor take care of sunlight or anything else. Therefore, wearing SPF before going out to enjoy this festival of colors is always advisable. By trying one of the simple holi skin care tips, you can protect your skin from severe damage to your skin.

  • Limit Your Oily Food Intake 

A good holi celebration is considered incomplete in India without some spicy snacks and sweet beverages, i.e. Pakora, Gujhiya, Papri Chaat, Chana Masala, Shakkar Paare, Besan Papdi, Malpua, Kanji ke vade, and some sweetened & tangy beverages. This traditional practice of sharing the love by offering these eatables to your relatives, neighbours or dear ones can increase your oil level in the blood that may cause skin pimples and rashes.

Therefore, avoiding or limiting those oil-loaded snacking items is also a skin care tip for holi to keep some common skin problems away.

Flaunt your natural, glowing and healthy skin before and after Diwali by adding these simple holi skin care tips into your skin care regimen before and during holi. Enjoy your holi at its fullest without fretting about skincare problems that may occur due to the holi celebration.

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