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Scalp Exfoliation - How To And Benefits

exfoliate scalp

Scalp Scrub Exfoliation For Hair Growth

Along with hair care and skin care, scalp care also keeps an important place in beauty consciousness. The hair itself is made of dead skin cells; that’s why it doesn’t hurt when you get a haircut but the scalp is a living piece of your skin. It requires care and maintenance just like the rest of your body. Scalp exfoliation is one of the best ways to take care of scalp. It is the procedure that implies removing dead skin cells from your scalp so that new ones could replace them easily; along with this it also removes dandruff and grease. Maintain healthier, shinier hair from the roots to the tips with the help of this. Occasional exfoliation may prevent mild itching caused by the sweat and oil that builds up if you don't wash your hair for a few days. Additionally there are many skin problems which need to be taken care so you should go for scalp exfoliation.

The residue you get on your scalp after using lots of hair styling products cause hair look dull, greasy or limp and weighted down.  Buildup on your scalp may accumulate on your skin and appears as flakes or grease. In most of the cases, it affects hair growth.  The buildup can trap dirt and oil to make scalp feel itchy or irritated.

Psoriasis develop on scalp, is an immune condition that causes the skin to grow too quickly and as a result you get red, raised patches called plaques. It is itchy or flaky.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition cause a thick, greasy or scaly rash on the scalp.   

Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation

Scalp exfoliation is a soothing and stress-relieving way to revitalise the scalp. Your scalp is skin, and regular exfoliation is beneficial. Those who are facing dry skin, dandruff, oily hair, redness on scalp then you must go to exfoliate scalp. It removes the buildup on your scalp which leads to scalp inflammation resulting in flakes, itching, sometimes even tenderness or pain. It soothes itchiness and irritation on scalp. Also it try to cure Psoriasis develop on scalp.  

With the proper exfoliation, you promote healthy hair growth and less hair loss.

How to Exfoliate Your Scalp

To exfoliate the skin on your head, you can choose from two methods – physical exfoliants and checmical exfoliants. In the first method, frictionally scrub away dry skin and buildup. In the second method chemical dissolve dead skin cell that might be persistent on your scalp.

Shampoos – When you think for scalp exfoliators, you can consider certain shampoo like you choose face washes for facial exfoliation.  Tea tree oil is a caustic and effective at removing oil and debris. Due to having anti-inflammatory properties, it helps lessen irritation caused by buildup. Using Clarifying shampoo is also a great idea. Clarifying shampoos is a shampoo on steroids—they cut through product buildup and oils to leave your hair super-clean.   

Chemical exfoliating serums – You can also go for chemically blended serum that may contain some kind of acid and enzyme. However, it is not certain how effective they are, but with the tried and tested methods you find the correct one.

Exfoliation brushes - Scalp Massager also do the same thing to exfoliate. It removes product buildup and skin residue to promote a healthier scalp. Perfect to use when you are shampooing. 

Scalp Scrub – It is one of the best solutions to get rid of a plethora or scalp-clogging woes. It is blended with oil, sea salt and other different ingredients to make it effective in scalp exfoliation.  You massage through your hand all over the scalp, with the friction it move away dead skin and make it clean. Go for the ayurvedic scalp-exfoliating scrubs which are safe and effective at the same time.

Along with how to exfoliate scalp, it is important to know how often you should do it. Ideally, you need to exfoliate every 7-10 hair washes. However if you are using too much hair product or getting any condition due to any type of medication, you have to exfoliate the scalp more often, for instance, 1-2 times per week.  

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Potential Harm of Scalp Exfoliation

Scalp skin is someway delicate, so you need to be careful while you exfoliating scalp. Too much can be painful and start irritating your skin.  Exfoliation brushes might break or pull strands of hair, resulting in hair that looks thinner. Chemical containing serum or shampoo somewhere is not good for certain hair types. Consult with the doctor in extreme condition like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or other skin conditions. After their advice choose the best scalp scrubber for you.  Keep Your Scalp hydrated.

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