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Safe and Healthy Sex Advice for this Valentine's Day

Safe and Healthy Sex Advice for this Valentine's Day

February is right on the corner. And we all know this month is known as the month of Love, and also, Lovers' most special Day, Valentine's Day, falls in this month. This is the time when the bone-chilling cold comes to its low-moderate form, and suffering summer is still a little away, making it the best time for love-making and intercourse.

Nothing is more pleasurable for humans than a stress-free expression of sexuality with your partner. It is considered one of the best stress-relieving activities. Along with that, it has many health benefits as well.

In this rapid-pace era, men are facing many mental and physical problems that don't allow them to enjoy their sex life properly. Mental causes are mainly the top factors that affect men's love-making moments. Some physical factors are also found to be the culprit. However, by keeping some things in mind and following certain tips for safe and healthy sex, you can make your Valentine's Day even more memorable.

How to have good safe, and healthy sex? 

Your sexual health is the reflection of your mental and physical health. So, when it comes to improving or enjoying sexual health, it is always recommended to improve overall health and maintain good overall well-being. In order to achieve better sexual health, you need to follow certain tips for better sex:

  • Get Fit & Stay Fit  

Getting fit & Staying fit shapes your overall health, including sexual health. As you need sufficient energy and strength to enjoy good intercourse. And having good muscular health plays a crucial role in making Love. The reason is some of your muscles, mainly arms, legs, and pelvic floor muscles, are highly involved in sexual activity. Therefore keeping your muscles strong and healthy is the key to having a good sexual life.

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  • Be Attentive To Your Diet 

Diet plays a crucial role in defining your overall health, including sexual health. When it comes to sexual health, a diet low in saturated fat but high in fiber is effective for ensuring better sexual prowess.    

Having a proper amount of blood flow is necessary to keep and also maintain an erection. A better blood flow can be achieved through clean arteries. So, it's necessary to stop the intake of saturated fats and bad cholesterol. There are several other eating habits you should follow to ensure better sexual health. Moreover, you should ensure to consume plenty of fiber. You should also take a light and healthy dinner as eating too much in dinner will make you feel sluggish and heavy. 

  • Keep Your Weight Under Check 

Keeping your weight under check is one of the best sexual health tips to improve your sexual health. The reason is, you can perform bed activities more smoothly and comfortably in bed if you are lighter in weight. Not only many risks are associated with being obese, but most females like a lean shape person and find them more attractive than those having obesity or visible body fat. But the most important is how your body is impacted by this condition.

Obesity or disturbed BMI affects your sexual health. It is also found that men with the poor body have some degree of sexual weakness. Maintaining a healthy body weight builds self-confidence, a positive outlook towards life and thus having a positive impact on your performance in bed. So, set your health goal, work on it and reach your health goal. If you get better in shape and healthwise, you build confidence, and it eventually reflects in your sexual health, including performance.

These are some other natural tips to how to have good safe and healthy sex with your partner and enjoy your sex life this Valentine's day and onwards. There are numerous herbal sexual wellness products available in the market that can make your sex life better. However, if you experience no improvement in your sexual health, you need to visit a doctor who has specialization in understanding and curing sexual disorders in men, called a sexologist in medical terms.


Sexual health is the reflection of your overall health. If you are healthy, it will reflect in your sexual life as you will be capable of enjoying your intercourse better for longer. Following a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet, exercising regularly, following a timely sleep & wake-up routine, giving yourself necessary sunlight, and keeping yourself active as well as happy can keep your sexual power go on for longer.

But if you are off-track to a healthy lifestyle, you can follow certain aforementioned tips for safe and healthy sex life, allowing you to enjoy your intimate moments better this Valentine's Day as well as others. Have fun! 

Related Questions

Q 1. How can I have healthy Valentine's day sex?

Ans For healthy Valentine’s day sex, your preparation should start some months before. Firstly, correct your daily routine, mainly diet, and physical activity level. Follow a healthy diet and practice some moderate exercises on a daily basis. When followed consistently for longer, healthy habits can improve your sexual health significantly. So you can have extremely lovely, pleasurable, healthy, and safe Valentine’s day sex.

Q 2. Are natural tips for safe and healthy sex worth trying?

Ans Yes, they worth it. Several natural tips for having healthy and safe sex work well if followed religiously. Correcting your daily habits and following some natural tips will help you perform better in bed without leaving any side effects behind.

Q 3. Is there any safe product available for enhancing sexual health?

Ans Sheopals Sexual Wellness Kit is an excellent enhancer for male sexual health. This herbal and chemical-free kit takes care of your internal as well as external needs to improve sexual prowess in men naturally. Being formulated using some rare herbal ingredients, it is so effective in boosting stamina and power in men without having any negative impact on your health.

Q 4. How long will Sheopals Men Wellness Kit take to show results?

Ans Since it is a herbal kit, you should follow it religiously for better results. However, it’s necessary to take it for atleast 3 months for visible results.

  • Helps to Cure Male Infertility
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