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What Is Male Pattern Hair Loss And Can It Be Treated

What Is Male Pattern Hair Loss And Can It Be Treated

Hair Thinning At Front To Male Solution

Many people these days are troubled by the problem of baldness or hair fall. This problem is not only seen in people over 50 years old, but many young people are falling for unexpected hair loss, especially male pattern baldness.

Baldness in men, especially sudden hair loss in front of the head is medically known as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. This is one of the most common fall issues in men.

Male pattern baldness begins with a sudden loss and gradually, new hair stops growing in that part and the person becomes bald. Male pattern baldness is a genetic problem. However, in some situations, age and hormonal changes can also cause this problem.

Each hair on the head has its own growth cycle and mechanism. This growth cycle becomes weak in the case of male pattern baldness. As a result, the hair roots start to weaken, and males experience hair loss on the sides of heads.

After this, small and thin hairs start growing on the head. Once the hair growth cycle is disrupted the new hair stops growing in that patch. 

This is a genetic problem that can be seen in men of any age. Today in this article we will tell you about Pattern Boldness in Men.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

The problem may start in your teens. But in most cases, it starts in puberty, which increases with age. The problem of baldness in men can be due to many reasons. Such as hair fall due to fungal infection in the scalp or due to lack of nutrients. 

Health-related problems also sometimes become the cause of baldness. Especially when hair loss is accompanied by rashes in the skin of the scalp, redness of the skin, pain in the skin, flaking of hair, the problems of patchy hair loss start. But it can also have some genetic reasons. 

How to diagnose the reason for Male Pattern Baldness

Dermatologists use hair loss patterns to diagnose the reason for baldness. They try to find out through medical history and many types of tests to find out what is the cause of hair loss. 

In case of such problems, the doctor may advise you to have a biopsy or blood test. With these tests, the doctor can find out due to which disorder you are falling prey to hair loss.

Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness

It begins in any male when the hormonal level of the male body starts changing or fluctuating. In some people, the front hairline starts taking the shape of the letter 'M' gradually. Whereas in some men, the hair starts falling all over the head, and gradually the hair falls all over the head.

If your hair is falling on the top of your head, then it is possible that you may have a problem with male pattern baldness. Most people have this problem in only one side of the head.

If there are close relatives in your family who have had a problem with baldness, then your possibility of male pattern baldness increases manifold. This risk is more if there is a history of male pattern baldness among the relatives of your maternal side.

Pattern baldness is also found in females which are generally caused by hormones, aging, and genetics. Like male-pattern baldness, female-pattern baldness is an overall thinning which maintains the normal hairline.

male pattern baldness stages

How To Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

Do not use hot water to wash the hair because hot water makes the hair dry, which removes the natural oil present in the hair and hair starts falling. Therefore, use water slightly warmer than your body temperature to wash your hair.

The major reason for hair fall is dandruff and an itchy scalp. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the hair clean at all times for beautiful and healthy hair.

To maintain the natural oil present in the hair, it is advised that you do not wash your hair more than 4-5 times a week. Washing hair every day leads to loss of shine and smoothness.

To make your hair strong from the roots, you need to balance your diet. Include those things in your regular diet, which can strengthen the roots of your hair. Such items include kale, butter, spinach, green legumes, moong chilka dal, urad dal, and other whole grains.

How To Grow Hairline On Top Of Head Naturally

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

Hair loss is a natural process in men with increasing age. In such a situation, many men feel that treatment is not needed for this. However, hair loss can have a negative impact on our mental state. In this case, it is necessary to treat it.

Hair growth oil massages, herbal hair masks, conditioners, and hair growth vitalizer are specifically formulated to cure baldness by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp and deeply nourishing the roots. These herbal treatments give the essential nutrients for the speedy growth of new hair. To cleanse the scalp, remove dandruff, cures inflammation, itches, and infection while making your hair strands shinier and softer, you can opt for a chemical-free herbal shampoo loaded with Ayurvedic ingredients. Collectively these practices act as a great DHT blocker, nourish the hair follicles internally, and heals the overall health of the scalp to prevent it from external reasons of baldness.

Oil massage not only keeps the hair soft but also nourishes its roots. By rotating the fingers in the head, the blood flow in the head increased, due to which the strength of the hair roots increased. Therefore, if you want to avoid hair fall while keeping it healthy, then do a massage with herbal hair oil at least twice a week.

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