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How to Prevent Beard Dandruff (Beardruff) | Flaky Beard

remove beard dandruff

Flaky Skin Under Beard Solution

Growing facial hair or beard is something that the majority of males love to do! Young boys like to keep stubble whereas those who age love to keep the heavy and thick beards. Some can manage their beard easily while some men are still not aware of how to take care of their beard. Yes, if you are growing your beard thick and heavy, then you must know how to keep beardruff away from your beards.

So what is beardruff?

It's the development of dead skin cells. Beardruff seems when the skin sheds quicker than ordinary, bringing about an observable assortment of snowflake-like skin cell groups.

What causes it?

Before we can fix it, we should address the likely reasons for the flaky beard. While there is no single reason, most beardruff is brought about by at least one of the accompanying: dry skin, microorganisms, and aversion to skin/facial hair care items.

Dry skin: We've all had dry skin. That tingle, bothering and related skin pieces. While facial hair dandruff brought about by dry skin is more conspicuous during colder months, it can strike whenever if you could do without your beard and the skin under.

Microorganisms: The most well-known of these little rats is an organism/yeast called Malassezia, which benefits from sebum (oil created by your skin) and removes oleic corrosive, which can set off a provocative reaction in your body, making more skin cells develop, which at last chip off get to see the difference.

How would I get rid of flaky skin under my beard?

When you shave off your entire beard, it also removes dead skin cells that were initially clinging to your skin. Shaving off your beard is always good. You should shave it off once in three months to get rid of flaky dandruff that has been sitting under your beard. This is called exfoliation. It not only helps in cleaning your face but also helps in relieving you from your itchy facial skin, dry and rough beard, and the dead skin cells that can cause zits and active acne.


Exfoliation is super beneficial in getting rid of dandruff under the beard. This is the best beard dandruff treatment with dead cleaning cells, including those that cause dandruff. You can make this the initial step of your daily practice by utilising a facial hair growth brush.


Peeling is an interaction that assists remove with dead cleaning cells, including those that cause dandruff. You can make this the initial step of your everyday practice by utilising a facial hair growth brush.

Washing with a mild cleanser

If you don't as of now, wash your facial hair in the manner in which you wash your hair. You can utilise a similar cleanser you use on your scalp. Be that as it may, you should choose a sedated cleanser intended to treat dandruff. Search for these dandruff-battling fixings in a cleanser:

  • pyrithione zinc
  • selenium sulphide
  • tea tree oil

Tenderly back rub the cleanser into your facial hair. Remember that your hair shampoos are not at all meant for use on your beard. Be gentle to your beard hair and your facial skin.

Hydrating and Moisturising

Keeping your facial hair moisturised is vital for getting rid of dandruff. It helps re-hydrate and safeguard your skin in the wake of shampooing.

You can use any coconut oil or olive oil after cleansing your beard. This will keep your facial skin and hair soft and smooth. You can also opt for oil for beard growth which is specially meant for this purpose only.

If you have skin inflammation inclined skin, you should go for a more straightforward, non-comedogenic oil - meaning it won't obstruct your pores - like argan oil.

How can you keep beardruff at bay completely?

Whenever you've disposed of facial hair dandruff, it's essential to stay aware of your everyday practice, particularly with regards to washing and saturating. Attempt to visit your dermatologist once in six months to check whether the skin under your beard is coping up with your facial hair or not – you need to check how your skin feels. Does it feel tight or bothersome? Add a couple of more drops of facial hair oil. Remember that you might have to utilize a more extravagant cream during a cool, dry climate.

The primary concern

Beard dandruff is a typical issue, and Beard dandruff treatment is not difficult to treat with the assistance of a straightforward everyday practice. Anything you choose to do, ensure you focus on both the hair of your facial hair and the skin under.

If you're as yet not seeing any improvement following half a month, converse with your PCP. You might require a remedy antifungal cleanser or skin steroid treatment. When your dandruff disappears, you can hold it back from returning by staying with your daily schedule.  To maintain healthy beard, you can also use organic beard growth oil.

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