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How To Maintain Beard - Beard Maintenance Tips

How To Maintain Beard - Beard Maintenance Tips

Effective Beard Care Tips

Growing beard is one thing and most of users can do this but maintaining it, is most difficult task to do.  It takes your consistent effort to maintain beard properly to keep it healthy, manageable and looking its best.

Whether you have fully grown beard or you are in the process to grow, in both scenario you need care at most. Beard Maintenance is not so hard task and never makes it complicated for yourself. Little care is needed. Here are some of the easy tips on how to maintain beard (facial hair).  Follow these beard maintenance tips to make beard growth in volume and make beard soft. 

Beard Maintenance - How to Grow the Best Beard

  1. Beginning

Growing beard takes time and caring is also important which doesn’t end at shampooing and combing but there are many several things depend on it.  Good state of your health has a huge influence on hormone levels.  It is well noted that testosterone and dihydro testosterone play an important role in growth of facial hair.

  • Get enough amount of protein and vitamins.
  • Reduce Stress.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  1. Regularly Clean Face And Beard

Most of the people get itchy faces when they grow beard, especially at the early stage of growing. Then here is good maintenance routine come in hand.  You should have to keep your skin and facial hair clean. A gentle cleanser is required for skin to remove dirt, oil, germs, pollution and dead skin which are responsible for Use lukewarm water for this purpose as it unclogs the skin pores and makes it clean in better way.  Simply splashing water on face is not enough, you need to use shampoo or conditioner for this.

  1. Keep It Hydrated

To make beard soft and shiny, simply keep your beard hydrated. Regularly use beard softening oil to make it soft and if you are not having enough one then use beard growth oil to get fuller facial hair. Oil moisturizes the skin underneath your facial hair to prevent itchiness, control flakes and maintain follicle health.

  1. Trim Your Facial Hair

In the grooming section, trimming is essential part. Use trimmer or scissor. To make beard keep growing, perfectly trimmed facial hair.  Trim to remove uneven patches, long spots or split ends.  This way you remove the damaged hair.

  1. Remove Bread Dandruff

Having beard dandruff is common and it is treatable.  As your beard covers your skin, it traps bacteria and fungus.  They attack your skin leading to skin redness, scaliness and flakiness.  If you are having then treat it with the right shampoo and conditioner and also use beard oil to moisturize it.

Beard Oil Benefits:

Using beard oil has many advantages:

  • Keeps your beard looking fuller
  • Keeps your facial hair soft
  • It helps promote facial hair growth
  • It helps tame your beard
  • Scented versions keep you smelling great

Do and Don'ts

Do Don't
Shape your beard after waiting for at least 4 weeks. Only using water to clean face
Choose facial hair shape that suits you most. Towel your beard intensely
Clean your beard on a regular basis Forget about beard oil or beard balm
Use shampoo or cleansers to wash your beard several times per week Leave your beard unkempt
Regularly Brush and comb your beard to condition the hairs and skin underneath Pick on ingrown hairs
Often trim your beard with a beard trimmer to maintain its shape and remove uneven things.
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  • Help in beard growth
  • Make beard shiny and manageable
  • Soften Beard and under skin
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