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How to Lose Belly Fat At Home

reduce belly fat

Best And Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat

Losing body weight is really a tough call for both men and women but when it comes to lose belly fat; it is one of the hardest places to lose weight. Belly fat that extra layer on your belly is really a bothering sign for you and you want to lose it as soon as possible. Not only it looks bad but also it creates many health issues.  Too much Belly fat can affect your health and put your health at risk. If you have a large amount of Belly Fat, the Health Problems that can be caused to you are –

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Cardiovascular disease
  3. Heart disease
  4. Type 2 Diabetes
  5. Colorectal cancer
  6. Insulin resistance
  7. Sleep apnea
  8. Premature death

There are many reasons for the belly fat like eating habit, changed lifestyle, hereditary, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of exercise and no walking.  Most of the people usually missed out their routine at the gym and could not able to achieve their goal of weight loss. Now, it’s time to try to lose belly fat at home – the convenient option.

Here are some of the tips to lose belly fat –

  1. Healthy Diet Plan

A balanced healthy diet plan gives all the vitamins and mineral which is needed to your body. You don’t have to cut yourself from eating foods but you can certainly moderate your choices for healthier options.  Here are some diet plans for belly fat.

Fruits and Vegetables are enriched with many minerals and vitamins which can speed up your metabolism rate. By interacting with your hormone, some of vitamins and mineral let your brain know when you have had enough food and reduce overreacting.

Try to eat soluble fiber as much as you can, as it forms a gel that helps slow down foods ad it passes through digestive system. Even in the small quantity of food you feel full and they are nutrients enriched so you will not feel lack of energy. It may also decrease the number of calories your body absorbs from food.

List of Soluble fiber which you should take –

Blackbeans, avocados, sweat potatoes, broccoli, Turnips, Pears, kidney beans, figs, apricots, carrots, apple, Gauva, flaxseed, sunflower seed, oats, barley and green peas.

Try to avoid foods that contain Trans fats. Unsaturated fat are Trans fat like soyabean oil, microwavable popcorn, fried chicken, french fries, Bakery goods such as muffins, cakes, pastries, and pies, Potato, corn chips and Pizza. The trans fat content also increases each time the same oil is reused for frying. It may be best to limit your intake of fried foods and choose foods that are grilled, roasted, steamed, or sauteed instead.

Not all carbs are bad but you should consider removing processed and refined carbs from you daily diet like white bread, sweet potato, whole grains, nuts or whole pasta.

Take Protein enriched foods like fish, eggs, meat and lentils. Cut yourself from sugary products. Sugar contains fructose which is not good when consumed in excess. Refined sugar can lead to belly fat gain, choose the alternate healthier sugar like real honey and Jaggery.

Eat probiotic foods or take a probiotic supplement. These are lists of foods that burn belly fat, make sure to add them in your diet plan.

  1. Exercise

No moving, sitting all day long leads to develop belly fat. Physical activities (Exercise) also burn your unwanted calories. Regular exercises like walking, running and sit ups with your healthy diet make you to see the pounds beginning to drop off in no time.

There is a conflict between whether you go for full body exercise or targeted exercise for belly fat. As, Belly fat in particular can be stubborn, so you may go for targeted exercise for belly fat.

Here are some of the exercises to reduce belly fat that you may prefer.  

Basic Squat

Bicycle Excersie


Climber Excersie

Plank Excersie

Full Body Roll up Excersie

  1. Restful sleep

Sleep is important for many aspect of your health including weight. People who don’t get enough sleep tend to gain more weight including belly fat. Studies show that those who slept less than 5 hours per night likely to gain weight more. Sleep helps to regulate glucose metabolism and hormone functions, therefore reducing your appetite and hunger. Sleep apnea (a sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts) also linked to excess visceral fat.

  1. Drink Enough Water

If you really want to lose weight fast, swap water in for other drinks. Avoid drinking fruit juice as they are high in sugar as soda and other sweetened beverages. Large amount of drinking fruit juice carry the risk of abdominal fat gain. Caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee or tea may help suppress your appetite. Cut alcohol consumption as this can lead to water retention and bloating.  You don’t need to give it up altogether, but limiting the amount you drink can help.

  1. Say bye to “Stress”

Stressing and anxiety can cause the over-production of a certain hormone called cortisol, which encourages weight gain about the belly area. So try to keep your cool!.

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