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How to keep your skin hydrated?

How to keep your skin hydrated?

Do you often feel tight, dull, or flaky skin? Poor skin hydration may be the culprit, or it may also be an indication that your skin needs more hydration and care. And maintaining better skin hydration is way more important than just looking healthy and well-rested. In this post, know how to keep skin hydrated and keep on going!

What is Hydrated Skin? 

When it comes to the word 'Hydration', we know it is associated with water. Skin hydration means elevating its water content. If your skin is well hydrated, it looks smooth, radiant, and better in tone. So, it's necessary to regularly fulfill your skin hydration needs to keep your natural smoothness and radiance.

Best Ways to Hydrate Skin Naturally 

Here, we have described some natural ways to hydrate skin from the inside for a healthy outside:

  • Ensure an Adequate Amount of Water Intake   

Taking sufficient water throughout the day will help keep your overall body well-hydrated, including your skin. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily is often recommended. It’s one of the most effective & best ways to hydrate skin and overall body naturally.   

  • Take the Help of some Skincare Products 

Using water-based creams when you deal with dehydrated skin is always a wise step. These products penetrate through your skin easily and provide water to your dehydrated skin. It helps hydrate skin from the inside out.

Products rich in hydrating agents like glycerin, urea, hyaluronic acid, and ammonium lactate can help maintain skin hydration.                  

  • Avoid Hot Showers  

It may sound odd, but bathing for long can disturb your skin's natural protectors. It may cause moisture and loss of essential oils, thus dehydrating your skin. However, bathing with lukewarm water should be preferred as it is ideal for your skin.   

  • Use Face Masks/Sheets 

Face masks are loaded with skin-hydrating ingredients; therefore, using a hydrating face mask in your skincare routine will keep your skin plump and moist. It might also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. It is also one of the best ways to hydrate skin naturally.

  • Sunscreen is a Must 

People often believe that sunscreen is only required on those bright sunny days, but it’s not true. Most of us think there is no need for sunscreen in cloudy or less cloudy. It’s a bad skin practice. On cloudy or winter days, the harmful UV rays of the Sun are also present, which can affect your skin if you neglect it. So, don't forget to use sunscreen whenever you step out on those cloudy days.  

  • Eat Fluid-rich Foods  

Fulfilling your body’s fluid need through the foods you intake can help you quickly keep and maintain your body's hydration. Gulping/sipping healthy fluids many times a day can be annoying; therefore, adding fluid-rich foods to your plate can help you effectively meet your body’s fluid needs. It is also an effective way to hydrate skin from the inside out.

You have various water-rich food options to choose from. Fruits like watermelon, orange, papaya, and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and carrots have high water content and are also loaded with many health benefits. You can also opt for soups, fruits & veggies, salads, smoothies or shakes, yogurts, etc., to offer better hydration to your skin and overall health.     

  • Cut back on Caffeine Intake 

Caffeine has diuretic properties that cause you to urinate more than normal days. As a result, it can cause your skin to get dehydrated. Experts say drinking coffee has also been shown to affect skin circulation by constricting blood vessels. So, limiting your caffeine consumption can ease dehydration complications, i.e. dry, dull skin, etc.

  • Do skin Exfoliation Regularly 

Exfoliation is one of the most critical steps to take if your skin is dehydrated. Regular exfoliation of the skin helps keep dead cells away and reveals your natural and healthy skin. Another thing is, if your skin is exfoliated, it allows moisturizing products to penetrate deeper under your skin for better and long-lasting moisturization. Along with hydrating skin from the inside out, exfoliation also triggers natural oil secretion.

  • Moisturize your Skin  

Your body loses a lot of moisture during the summers. That's why it is important to ensure hydration from the inside out. In this season, sufficient water consumption and eating fluid-rich foods are not enough. Along with that, it's equally important to cleanse and moisturize your skin regularly in this season as well as. You can use natural moisturizers like honey and milk to give your skin the needed moisturization to protect it from dehydration.

Final Words 

Follow these simple how to keep skin hydrated tips to keep your skin well-hydrated, glowing, and healthy. By doing so, you can protect your skin from toxin-loaded moisturizers available in the market these days. When it comes to skincare, always make healthy and natural choices. However, choosing chemical products can cause severe damage to your skin that may cost months/years and surgery as well.

Related Questions

Q1. What hydrates skin the fastest? Ans.Drinking sufficient water is the best and fastest way to hydrate skin.
Q2. How can I hydrate my skin overnight?

Ans. In order to hydrate your skin overnight, you can follow some below-mentioned simple skin care tips: • use a face oil • use a herbal & thick moisturizer • bathe with lukewarm water • pat dry your skin for water droplets • apply a hyaluronic acid immediately

Q3. What foods hydrate your skin?

Ans. You should consume nuts to hydrate your skin better. Nuts and seeds i.e. almonds, macadamia, pine nuts, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. are the best foods to hydrate your skin better.

Q4. What causes very dry skin?

Ans. Dry skin may have many causes such as extreme cold & dry weather, sun damage, harsh soaps, overbathing, and many more.

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