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How To Increase Your Immunity Power In Body Naturally?

How To Increase Your Immunity Power In Body Naturally?

Tips To Enhance Immunity

An old saying goes, 'We first make our habits, then our habits make us!'

It applies to most of our day-to-day life aspects, mainly health. Yes, you read it right! If you follow a certain set of practices or healthy habits, you can keep your health in the utmost condition by improving your immunity. Following these habits for a prolonged period, you will see a massive difference between your health and those with poor habits. By following such kinds of practices, your immunity power will get improved dramatically.

Here we'll tell you about some habits that will significantly impact your health and daily wellness if you follow them religiously constantly. Some natural tips to enhance immunity are described below; 

Take a Sound Sleep 

If you look at the core factors that deteriorate your immune system, your poor lifestyle leads to lack of sleep, insufficient sleep, or untimely sleep. Sleep is an elixir for our body, as during sleep, our body works to heal itself by repairing or forming new cells to replace those dead or damaged ones. As a result, a proper sleep pattern revives our health, thus keeping many health problems at bay. 

Doctors often recommend taking 7-8 hours of quality sleep for better health. Therefore, proper sleeping habits lead to a healthy life by improving sleep quality and fixing your bedtime and wake-up time. It is one of the top habits to boost immunity at home naturally that can help you to lead a healthy life for longer by strengthening your immune system

Exercise Regularly

As timely servicing keeps a vehicle running smoothly for longer, exercise is the same for the human body. Exercising regularly will not only strengthen your immune system but also dramatically improve your health and thus increase your lifespan naturally. 

If you exercise daily, it improves your blood circulation throughout the body, which eventually enhances the health and functionality of each organ and overall well-being.

During exercise, you have noticed more sweating which means more excretion of wastes from your body. Some other health benefits of practicing exercises are improved stamina, focus, average blood sugar, and better sleep by getting distressed.   

Increase your Water Intake

Approximately 60% of the human body consists of water content. Therefore, water is a natural driving factor for your body. So, be watchful of your water intake. You can also rely on eating water rather than taking water. It means you should consume more natural water-rich fruits and vegetables like oranges, watermelon, cucumber, radish, strawberry, and many other seasonal fruits. Ensuring better fluid intake will be the best way to increase immunity naturally.

Avoid Junk & Street Foods 

Though street foods like Chowmin, Momos, and Samosa make our mouth-watering with their pleasing taste, they harm your health in many ways. Junk foods are well-fried and loaded with spices, excessively unhealthy oil, salt, and many other tasty but not health-friendly ingredients.

Eating junk foods will deteriorate your immune power and make you more prone to health problems like obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle disorders. Replacing junk foods and extra-sugary or sweet snacks with healthy sprouts, roasted grams, a handful of nuts, etc., to prevent your immune system from deteriorating. 

Add More Fresh & Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Season fruits and vegetables are a boon for humanity by Mother Nature. These fruits and vegetables are the richest in their nutritional value during that specific time as they are fresh. And when they are kept preserved, their nutritional value declines. 

One should always prefer seasonal fruits & vegetables over expensive and fancy imported fruits. Imported fruits are not meant for our environment and geographical conditions. They are suitable for places where they get grown easily.

Taking these types of fruits & vegetables will help you boost immunity at home.   

Cut Back on Sugar 

Most of us love the sweet taste of sugar, but it's too bad for our health. Sugary drinks, candy, bakery products, and sweetened dairy products are the primary sources of sugar intake. Sugar intake negatively affects your body in several ways. Taking sugar increases the feel-good hormone that generally releases in your brain; it is dopamine. This is why you often crave a candy or chocolate bar in the afternoon. 

High sugar intake also affects the body's natural ability to respond to insulin, thus causing your sugar level to rise. It increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. This way you find yourself in the loop of weight loss and diabetes control.

Cutting back or opting for natural sugar sources can protect you from severe health problems.

Bless Yourself with Morning Sunlight  

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. Most of us know that only calcium is not enough for your bones as vitamin D is required by your body to absorb calcium better. If you are taking calcium sources but are low on vitamin D, your bones won't be able to get the most of the calcium. Therefore combining these duos can help make and keep your bones strong and healthy for longer. It also helps increase immunity naturally.    

Taking sunlight can also improve testosterone levels, thus keeping many men's health problems at bay. In a nutshell, it is the best natural immune booster and a great way to enhance your vital health.   

By Increasing Testosterone  Level (For Men)

Testosterone not only involved in development of muscle and improving sex drive but actually it plays much more important role in body. Some researchers have found that testosterone can impact your immune system as well. Men with the higher testosterone level have good immune power and can save him from flu, fever and other illness. You can naturally boost testosterone level in body by good diet, sleep and exercise.

Bottom Line 

Make these small lifestyle changes to increase immunity naturally. Along with that, you can also take the help of a few herbal immunity booster products to give a boost to your immunity naturally. 

Related Questions

Q 1. How do we increase the immunity of our body? Ans.Boosting your immune system requires a set of practices such as quality sleep, regular exercises & pranayam, a healthy diet including citrus fruits, oats, nuts, whole grains, etc. Following these practices regularly can help increase your body's immunity.
Q 2. What is the best diet for immunity?

Ans. If you want stronger immunity, you should not increase the size of your diet but its variety. Add different types of grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables to boost your immunity and also ensure that your body gets all essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

Q 3. How can I boost my immune system quickly?

Ans. In order to boost your immune system, you need to be consistent with some routine practices like eating well, keeping yourself active; physically & mentally, maintaining an ideal weight, getting enough sleep, quitting smoking/drinking, exercising regularly, and being happy.

Q 4. Which food gives instant immunity?

Ans. Food items like Citrus fruits, Nuts, Garlic, Broccoli, Seeds, Spinach, and Green tea are some instant immunity booster foods.

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