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Healthy Hair Tips for Summer

Healthy Hair Tips for Summer

Does your hair also get drab and breathless as the summer progresses? If so, you are not alone. It's because the hot and perspiring weather elevates the oxidative damage to your hair. Some summer hair care tips can help you overcome this problem and enables you to flaunt your shiny and healthy hair. 

In order to cope with such weather-associated health problems, changing lifestyle according to the season is the best way. Making lifestyle changes according to the weather allows your mind and body to fight and prevent issues you may face due to your environmental surroundings.    

Before exploring those tips, let's deeply understand why your hair gets dull in summer!

What Causes Your Hair To Lose Its Shine In Summer? 

From an Ayurvedic perspective, an imbalance of three doshas (present in your body) occurs in your body during summer. In this ancient holistic system, Ayurveda believes that every individual has three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) present in their body uniquely. Each of these three Doshas defines an individual's core nature and is responsible for entire body and mind functions. A balanced state of these doshas is required for a healthy state, while impairment of any of these doshas can lead to health problems.

  • Excess Vata dosha in your body can make your hair drab and dull.  
  • Pitta is responsible for blood formulation and circulation, which is directly linked to the development of new hair follicles.    
  • An excess of Kapha Dosha may cause an overproduction of natural oils in your scalp, making them too oily and clumpy.

Why Does Hot Weather Trigger Hair Fall & Dryness? 

Hair fall has become common in both men and women in India. The most shocking thing is that it has a high prevalence in people of younger ages, from the mid-20s to 30s. A couple of decades ago, the average age for chronic hair fall or baldness was 50-55 years or even more. So, in this competitive age, people are rapidly moving towards baldness. A timely and quick step can save you from severe hair fall and keep baldness at bay.

Your hair has a sebaceous follicle that is hair follicle connected to your scalp's oil glands. These oil glands produce fatty sebum that nourishes your hair. Your strand may need more nourishment sometimes. It results in your hair falling out. And it's the summer season when people get hair fall problems.

Due to the scorching heat of the summer, your scalp pores perspire more to cool down itself. But the sweat on your scalp does not go away as quickly as sweating on other body parts. It's because your hair obscured airflow. The prolonged buildup of sweat can further attract dirt and dust, resulting in clogged hair follicles, making them breathless. It weakens your hair roots and can cause hair to fall eventually.       

Effective & Must-Follow Summer Hair Care Tips  

We all want lustrous, strong, and healthy hair. Healthy, shiny, and well-managed hair gives your personality a positive boost and also boosts your confidence. Healthy hair adds a unique overall look, appearance, and confidence. Some simple hair care tips in summer can enhance your health and allow you to flaunt your healthy, shiny, and lustrous hair.

Following some Ayurvedic hair care summer regimen will give your hair new strength and life. Since Ayurveda adopts a personalized approach to stimulate or heal a health condition, its hair care summer regimen also varies as per hair type. Some of the effective hair care in summer tips are described below;

  • For Oily Hair  

People with oily hair often seen to prefer shampoos having drying properties. Frequent use of such shampoos disturbs the scalp's natural oil secretion, resulting in the overproduction of oils to compensate for natural oil loss.

Ayurvedic haircare experts suggest shampoo containing pure Neem herbal extract in this hair condition. The reason is that Neem helps stabilize the scalp's kapha and pitta doshas. And it is also beneficial in normalizing oily hair scalp.

You can also try an Ayurvedic combination of Neem, Olive, and Sesame, as these oils combinations have warming and purifying properties. These oils' blend also balances the oil secretion in the scalp, thus naturally controlling oil overproduction. It is one of the most effective hair care in summer tips.

  • For Dry Hair 

When it comes to managing dry hair in the summer, coconut oil comes to play. This natural oil contains soothing properties, thus helps add moisture to your scalp and fight dryness.

Simply pour this natural hair oil on in a bowl and apply it to your hair with your fingers in summer, and done. It will keep your hair moisturized throughout the day and fight dryness and flakiness.    

  • For Graying & Thinning Hair  

When it comes to thin or weak hair, top Ayurvedacharya suggests bhringraj oil. This oil is the king of herbs and naturally encourages safe hair growth and prevents premature greying. This oil contains scalp and hair rejuvenating properties and thus helps restore your hair strength and growth naturally.

Moreover, don’t forget to follow basic hair care practices like massaging hair gently with your fingers, eating seasonal fruits, avoiding junk or fast foods, and ensuring better hydration by taking more water throughout the day, etc. Following the aforementioned summer hair care tips with simple practices can help you naturally flaunt your healthy and shiny hair.


Hair is not something that requires any specific care. However, in summer, you may notice common hair problems like hair dryness, flakiness, oily hair, and hair loss. Some summer hair care tips can help manage your natural hair strength, shine and thickness in such conditions.  

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