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Effective Foods For Joint Pain Suffering People

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Best Foods For Joint Health

Joint pain was considered to be a problem of the elderly, but nowadays this problem is bothering even the younger people a lot and if you are one of those people who are working from home amid the pandemic, this problem is a problem. Due to sitting all day long, then this problem might be bothering you a lot. Is it because it doesn't matter what age you are? There is no movement or very little in the joints, both are unhealthy which cause pain in the knees,back. Apart from this, when the weight of the body is high, the entire load goes on the knees and causes pain. Along with this, stiffness and weakness starts coming in your knees. But don't worry, if you want to strengthen your joints then go for regular walks and include workouts and yoga in your fitness routine. Apart from this, include some foods in your diet, which help in strengthening the joints with the right type of nutrients.

List of Special foods that strengthen joints

  • Dark green leafy vegetables

Spinach, broccoli and bathua, all contain anti-oxidant carotenoids as well as calcium and magnesium. These antioxidant-rich foods help reduce the cartilage breakdown rate and protect the joints.

  • Berries

Cherries and raspberries contain anti-oxidant anthocyanins that help reduce inflammation in the body. In addition, black cherries also reduce the level of uric acid. The high vitamin C present in the berries also helps in the absorption of calcium and strengthens the joints.

  • Fish

Including fish in your diet is very good for the joints. Fish is the good source of Vitamin D and taking fish prevent deficiency, beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis which is associated with low levels of vitamin D. Eating fish can reduce joint pain and morning stiffness, as it contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Curd and milk

Although milk is basically rich in calcium and fat-soluble vitamins, yogurt acts as a probiotic. In this way, regular consumption of both milk and curd helps in strengthening the joints.          

  • Avocado

Avocado is considered a super food, because it is very good for health. In addition, this super fruit contains anti-oxidant mono-saturated oils, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, all of which help strengthen joints and prevent inflammation.          

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  • Walnuts and Flax seeds

Walnuts and flax seeds are both a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is an essential nutrient for our body, which also reduces inflammation of the joints. They are both good for strengthening the joints. Along with this, it is considered very good for our overall health. 

  • Turmeric-milk

Consuming turmeric milk in the winter season is considered very beneficial for health. The anti-inflammatory properties found in turmeric and calcium found in milk can work to provide relief in joint pain. 

  • Garlic

If you are troubled by the problem of joint pain, then garlic can give you relief to a great extent. It contains many nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, iron and sulphuric acid which help in relieving joint pain. 

  • Almond

A person suffering from joint pain should include almonds in his daily diet. This will give you relief from joint pain. Almonds contain omega 3 fatty acids which are helpful in reducing inflammation and arthritis as well. 

  • Paneer

By including paneer in your diet, you will start getting relief in joint pain. It contains calcium, magnesium, vitamins and iron. Due to which the bones also get strong and immunity is also strong. 

  • Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are also very beneficial in getting rid of joint pain. It contains nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin C, which relieve pain in bones and joints. 

  • Grapes

It posses anti-inflammatory properties. Grapes contain several compounds that have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. 

  • Olive Oil

Olive oil help stop the development of arthritis, slow cartilage destruction, reduce joint swelling and decrease inflammation.

  • Ginger

It helps ease the symptoms of arthritis. Component present in ginger blocked the production of substances that promote inflammation in the body.  

  • Beans

Beans are the excellent source of protein and fibre, rich in folic acid, zinc, iron and potassium.

These are the food for joint pain /arthritis patient.  It lowers the chances of having arthritis or any bone, joint related issue. These foods are helpful in improving immune system, body cell and the substances related with decreasing pain.  This will take time and should follow constantly, but if you need instant pain relief then you can opt for ayurvedic joint pain relief oil which cure it permanently.

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